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Have an Android phone but want to experience a look while chatting? Then stop right there because we have brought your desired application the MBWhatsApp APK. It is an application specially designed to make your chatting easier and fun. Nowadays WhatsApp has become the basic chatting and interacting tool it has made our lives trouble-free you can chat freely with your loved ones, share memories and moments with others without any hindrance share work files, etc. It connects you with your faraway friends it is the source of greater connection WhatsApp is a beautiful gift of technology don’t you think?

Developers are working day by day to add new features to these apps for better quality therefore to make WhatsApp more convenient Stefano YG has developed this MB Whatsapp APK that opens the gateways to a variety of personalization options. Moreover, it gives you a friendly conversation experience with your favorite ones.

About MBWhatsApp APK

MB Whatsapp Mod APK is a modified version of official Whatsapp with more privacy features. it means you can fully take charge of your account it serves you more options like Los Looks dual account usage online data control and plenty more MBWhatsApp APK has fully succeeded in attracting the consumer’s attention and good remarks, due to its unlimited and unique features. Also for amazing and unique features check Immune Whatsapp Mod APK.

It provides you with such features you would find in original WhatsApp such as its privacy set-ups we all have our own limits of privacy which are sometimes unfortunately hindered in official Whatsapp but this application will offer you options for your privacy limits it gives a look at friendly chat experience and higher messaging all of these have been the reasons of its popularity.

This application has been created to spice up the features of the original WhatsApp by adding more options to it additionally it provides its users a platform to use dual accounts and some additional options that enhance their overall proficiency

Features of MBWhatsapp APK

MBWhatsApp APK’s amazing features will compel you to download it at once some of its unique and handy features are listed below:

IOs themes:

This application provide its user los look android user who are ios wishful of IOs survey love this app it has default los themes and emojis which you can use while chatting to make your conservation more fun it also provides vast personalization opportunities

Message scheduling and auto-reply:

This is one of the unique features offered by this app by this feature you can set any automatic reply for any type of chat and can also schedule its sending time. It automatically sends your reply to the particular person at a set time so you won’t have to take the tension of missing out on wishing someone a happy birthday your scheduled messages will also be sent when there is no internet access

Hide Chat:

We all wanted these features because each of us has some chats which we prefer to give more privacy this app will fulfill your wish you just have to long-press the chat that you want to hide tap the 3 dot menu and your chat will be hidden you can also select any password pattern for it you won’t get notified about this messages unless you unlock it.

Who can call you?:

MB WhatsApp empowers you to specify your call control this way you will be able to select people whom you want to call from

Blue tick control:

Our friends and family may get offended by us for letting them on seen however this app will provide you a feature by which you can hide your blue tick you can see the message and can reply later when you are free but they won’t be able to know whether you have checked their message or not

Dual Account:

We all have busy and interactive lives Every day, we make new friends and add contacts to our WhatsApp. It’s often troublesome to have abundant contacts in WhatsApp this feature of MB Whatsapp allows you to create two accounts in one Android this way you can distinct the important and less important chats and become available to the ones you want

Who blocked you?

Official WhatsApp lacks these features because you are not able to see who blocked you but MB Whatsapp aware you of who has blocked you just click settings>> MB Preferences

Aeroplane  Mode:

We have different apps on our cell phones that need internet access to run sometimes we want to disable some apps’ internet access but want to use others we want to use Instagram but we don’t want to get any text from WhatsApp. However official Whatsapp doesn’t enable such a feature but MB Whatsapp will because of its aeroplane mode when you turn this on it will disable all internet access to WhatsApp

High- Privacy

It enables you to hide your online status your contacts disable forward tag, last seen, etc. it has maximum privacy features to protect your online data and your preference.

Anti-revoke messages and save status:

You can see the messages that are deleted by the sender and their status without letting them know.

Ads Free experience:

Most of the apps are burdensome to use because they have lots of ads in them which often waste a lot of time and energy but MB Whatsapp provides you an Ad free experience you can enjoy your chat without being troubled

Anti-view once:

Official WhatsApp has this feature that if a photo or a video is sent to view once we won’t be able to check it again but MB WhatsApp provides you the anti-view once feature which will enable you to check the photo or video again and again

How to install the MBWhatsapp APK?

  • There is a download button indicated at the top select it by clicking on it.
  • Download the link on your devices in a few minutes.
  • Select the settings menu and select the unknown source option.
  • Click the “Allow” button right away to enable any unknown installations.
  • After that, I was able to locate the downloaded APK file in the file manager.
  • Install the application by tapping on the downloaded file.
  • You’re all set! You can now use this instant chat program after the installation is finished.


Without question, WhatsApp is used by everyone on a regular basis in their everyday lives. You should download the MBWhatsApp APK if you want a more secure and customized app. It is an extremely well-known program that adds amazing features and extra features that weren’t in the original version. We brought for our users a unique and amazing app Thus, download the app and feel free to modify it without any constraints.

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