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WhatsApp has become the basic and most common mode of conservation we use WhatsApp in our daily lives to stay connected with our friends family and colleagues it has made our lives easier and our works agile gradually amendments have made our lives easier and our works agile. gradually amendments are made to improve its quality and to ensure a better experience various versions of WhatsApp have been brought out to the market one of them is GBWhatsApp APK which has gained quite good popularity in less time.

GBWhatsapp is another modified version of official WhatsApp. In comparison to the original one, it provides more privacy and other impressive features. it offers such facilities and options that the official WhatsApp may fail to provide it is designed with additional and more functional features. so, if you want to enjoy a chat with more privacy features that run under your own control then GBWhatsapp is the exact app for you while using this app you can manage your privacy and set your limits on your own without any interference you will be able to control who can check your online activities or who can call you.

You can also say that GBWhatsApp APK is that version of the original WhatsApp that runs on the user’s will. Each person has his/her own taste they like different themes, colors, and fonts even while chatting, some may like dark themes, some bright, and others may like it colorful, official whatsapp is however unable to fulfill these wishes but GB Whatsapp will always be there to enlighten your mode by offering unlimited customization options, themes, stunning effects, pictures and videos.

About GBWhatsapp APK:

GBWhatsapp is an impressively made-to-order version of official Whatsapp it provides more privacy, boosted personalization options, and a better chat-friendly experience. It is successful in winning the hearts of 500 Million people and satisfying their needs, easy as abc along with superior privacy set-ups it allows you more media sharing and theme-changing opportunities. It has DND mode, call disable options, auto messages, and a lot more.

You just have to click the download link and get this wonderful app on your phone you are not bound to delete your original WhatsApp for this app because you can have both of them at the same time on your single phone. Besides, giving all these fascinating features it’s also free of cost, you have to pay for none and get all these features isn’t it a great offer?

Features of GBWhatsapp APK:

Several features are added to this app to make it extra satisfying and pleasurable.

DND Mode:

Sometimes we don’t want to get notifications from WhatsApp but we want to use other apps i.e., Instagram, and Facebook when we cut off the wifi or internal access it will be applied to all apps including WhatsApp so we won’t be able to use other apps to solve your this problem GBWhatsapp APK will provide you its own airplane DND Mode when you turn it on it will cut off the internet access to WhatsApp only you will be shown offtime and you won’t get any notification.

Marvelous effects:

We often use different apps to add filters or effects to our photos and videos to make them more attractive but after downloading GBWhatsApp, you won’t have to download any additional apps because this application will provide you outstanding effects to use on your media before sharing them.

Share Maximum Media:

In official WhatsApp, we are bound to share less amount of media because we can’t share larger or longer videos but GB WhatsApp allows you to share 90 images at a time, 100MB of audio, and videos up to 50MB

Fully customized themes:

We all enjoy the experience when our screens are designed with our favorite themes. GBWhatsApp has brought this unique feature of giving you full control over your personalization it will give you access to almost every desired theme. You can select any theme according to your choice.

Privacy control:

It is mainly appreciated when your privacy is in your hands and you can set limits on your accounts most of the apps lack these special features for that GB Whatsapp is specially made to give you privacy in your hand it offers you features like hiding double tick the sender won’t be notified that message has been delivered to you you will be able to hide your online status your typing status etc.

Filter messages :

GB Whatsapp will enable you to filter and clear up your chats.

Download status:

We need to download different apps to download statuses while using official WhatsApp. GB Whatsapp has features of downloading status this way your phone storage won’t get filled with these apps because GB Whatsapp features will replace all these apps

Select all chats:

When you use GBWhatsApp you will be able to select all your WhatsApp chats at a time on your home screen

Amazing Fonts:

The user often gets bored of using the same old fonts of official. If you want to experience new fonts of your choice and want to make your chats fun and attractive you must download GB Whatsapp.

Anti –revoke Message:

It usually makes us curious to know what the sender selected we are helpless if we use the original WhatsApp because we can’t see the deleted messages but GBWhatsApp will enable you to see the deleted messages.

Auto reply:

We all are busy in our lives sometimes we don’t get time to answer every chat individually when you use GBWhatsapp you will be able to set automatic replies for certain chats this way you won’t have to bother replying to your GB Whatsapp will do it for you.

Log History:

GB Whatsapp allows you to see the log history of all your contacts.


If you want to know who has changed their WhatsApp profile this app will let you know by notifying you about it.

Share live location:

GB Whatsapp enables its users to share their live locations with their friends and family.

How to install GBWhatsApp APK?

  • The download button that we have placed above must be clicked first.
  • You will receive the genuine download link shortly after clicking, and the download procedure will begin.
  • Allow permission to access unknown sources before beginning the installation procedure.
  • Click the installation option after opening the saved APK file.
  • Open the app as soon as it has finished installing, log into your account, and begin chatting with your loved ones.


We strongly advise downloading the GBWhatsApp APK if you want to have the best communication experience possible. With several upgraded features, it is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. You may have secure communication with this software since all chats are encrypted from end to end. In actuality, it functions well even with a shaky internet connection. Download it securely and enjoy the unique features.

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