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CarX Street Mod APK

 The racing games are top-ranked and millions of people around the globe are interested in experiencing the thrill of street racing. If you want to immerse into the open and dynamic racing world and want to take high-speed drift races then we are coming with the CarX Street Mod APK. It is a renowned car racing game where you will experience realistic races on your favorite highways by using your dream car.

The Mod version of the CarX Street Racing is continuously gaining popularity because of its prominent gameplay and attractive graphics. This mod contains thrilling racing competitions that are based on four racing laps. Players are independent in choosing the game modes because each game mode is full of exciting levels and tasks.

Similarly, players will move to the next levels after completing the specific levels. It is essentially important to obey the rules of the levels and players need to complete the race according to the storyline. When players complete the given race at a specific time or win the race then players will win the leaderboard and extra points.

When players earn points during the game they can easily get their dream car to participate in the next races. Definitely, here in the CarX Street Mod, you can get a chance to drive your dream car. Along with this, you will get access to car tuning by which you can rebuild and repair your car according to your preferences.

So, stay with us and explore every mini-feature of this modded version of CarX Street Drift Racing 2 and conquer your race field.

What is CarX Street Mod?

If you are a legendary racer and want to experience thrilling racing then we suggest you get the CarX Street Mod on your devices. It is a popular high-speed drift racing mod where you go through different car racing competitions and it offers (Unlimited Money). This Mod is full of top notch features that are quite difficult to find in the original game.

Similarly, the extended features of the mod include car tuning options and resources, high-level automobiles, and unlocked premium traits. Now, without any obstacles, players can participate in the racing game and can easily continue their game with ordinary gaming skills. Simply, here in this mod players will select that racing mode that suits their gaming skills.

In addition, this notable mod also gives incredible relaxation to the players like tuning the car parts. Yes, now players can easily customize the physical parts of their car because this mod contains unlocks physics of CarX. Simply, players can repair and rebuild their cars. Within in very short period of time, players can change the entire behavior of the car according to their style.

Furthermore, to play forceful game players requires high-speed automobiles with energetic engines. Therefore, to facilitate the players, developers include the option to the mod where players get all their desired automobiles for free. Definitely, now you can unlock any supercar like Lamborghini Aventador, Audi 18, Honda NSX, and many more. Along with this, players can also get access to more sports cars when they perform well in race competitions and tournaments.

CarX Street Mod Features

Now, players can experience thrilling racing competitions from the comfort of their homes. CarX Street Mod brings awesome racing gameplay where you will experience exciting features and game modes. So, let’s discuss the fascinating features of the Mod one by one and explore the unique characteristics of the mod.

New Career Mode

Here in this mod, you will find different game modes where you will select your favorite game mode. The most thrilling career mode is full of gaming scenarios where you can showcase your skills and can master your art. You can join clubs and buy a house for your car. Simply, you have to do all good deeds to prove that you are the best driver in the city.

Car Tuning Resources

Now, here in this mod players can repair and redesign their car. This mod provides a number of car tuning options and players will get access to all the body parts of the car by which they can easily customize the car suit. Players can change the car engine, change body parts, new tires, and many more.

Realistic Racing Levels

Overall, this mod has unique graphics but now the latest version of the mod brings more exciting visual effects. Now, the latest version of the mod includes fascinating graphics that give an immersive and realistic gaming experience.

Car Customizations

There is no doubt that players can design their cars and can create unique car sculptures. Similarly, along with the internal customization players can also redesign the physical look of their vehicles. Players can change the color and size of the headlights, side mirrors, rims, bumpers, and overall body color.

Multiplayer Game Mode

 The racing game is a most favorite game and players are showing their interest in playing the game. The exciting point is that this mood includes multiplayer mods and players can invite their friends. Now, players will enjoy the tournaments with their friends and family and can get the best gaming experience.

Additional Features of CarX Street Mod

  • There are 40+ sports racing cars available.
  • Easily run from the police stations.
  • Competitions and tournaments.
  • Trail games and driving test modes.
  • Unlimited money and coins.
  • High-speed drift racing and game levels.
  • 3D animations and unique graphics.
  • Incredible backgrounds and themes.
  • Perfect sound effects.
  • Different game modes include 4 laps.
  • Best driving title competitions.
  • Reliable and best control system.
  • Free from errors and bugs.
  • Anti-ban and secure platform.
  • Regular updates and new features.
  • Support all Android and iOS devices.
  • No additional third-party ads.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Manages all bugs and errors.
  • Friendly and smooth interface.
  • Easy download and installation.
  • Free of cost available.

How to install the CarX Street Mod on Android Devices?

  1. The first step is to go to the “Download” option and click on it.
  2. Once you click on the download button let it generate the download authentic download link.
  3. Secondly, all third-party apps require installation permission therefore click on the enable option and allow all unknown sources on Android devices.
  4. Now, open the downloaded link and go through the installation process.
  5. Finally, the installation is completed and now you can enjoy the thrill of a racing game without any obstacles.

How to install the CarX Street Mod on a PC?

  1. Open the Google on your PC or search the CarX Street Mod on any search engine.
  2. Before installing the mod you need to download software called “BlueStack” on your PC.
  3. Find the latest version of the BlueStack and download it on your devices.
  4. Once the BlueStack is installed on your devices go back to the search engine to download the mod.
  5. Click on the CarX Street Mod that will appear on the search bar or you can directly download the mod from our site.
  6.  Once you start the installation process it will complete in a few minutes.
  7. After the complete installation, you can experience this mod game on the big screen and can enjoy the racing game to the next level.


If you to make your days more immersive and want to become part of the open world CarX Street drift racing then download the CarX Street Mod APK. This mod version is full of thrilling championships and races where players participate in car racing and get a chance to showcase their driving skills. here in this mod, you will get a chance to customize your favorite car and automobile. In fact, it has a wide selection of famous sports cars and players can unlock the cars in just one click. So, if you want to get Unlimited Money and want to gain the best gaming experience then download the mod and make your days entertaining.

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