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If are you ready to play the Free Fire battle in a fascinating way then you are in one right place. Today we are representing the BGMI Mod APK which is full of prominent features. Basically, the players always love to play FF games in a unique and fascinating way and this Mod Menu completes the wishes.

Furthermore, in the battle, we find our competitors in a different way. For instance, sometimes our opponent is not that strong and we can easily win the game. Similarly, during many matches, we face pro players and they put many barriers in our path. Likewise, pro players use their tricks and turn the game towards them.

Moreover, many beginners face a lot of difficulties in the battle. There are many reasons behind this overthrow such as lack of advanced skills, less experienced, and no use of tricks. Furthermore, many youngsters get tense to acquire and accomplish their targets. In fact, they are in search of apps or tools that help them to obtain good results.

In addition, most FF players are willing to grow their rank and boost their performance. Moreover, to achieve a bigger target and defeat even pro players you can use this stunning Mod Menu on your Android device. Similarly, to run the battle in your way just click on the BGMI Mod APK and change your game style.

What is BGMI Mod APK?

Ammar Tech FF Mod is a third-party Free Fire application that is wonderful for every competent player. Moreover, during battle time, players always get confused and feel hesitant to use the tools. By virtue, the skills and other available tools are limited and fewer. Similarly, the players lose their concentration and surrender the match.

Furthermore, if a player tries to use the premium features in the game they get stuck and give up. Moreover, by facing such kind of situation many players fail to keep their rank up. Players try to unlock the other premium features but unfortunately, the features are very expensive. Similarly, they don’t have the money to buy the features.

In addition, this is one of the best Mod Menus that is going to uplift your rank and performance. Moreover, the Ammar Tech FF Mod is brimful of outstanding features like Aimbot, Auto Headshot, and Teleport. In this Mod Menu, you will get beneficial features that are going to give a lot of advantages.

Similarly, this is a 100% Anti-ban application and will secure all your data with high privacy. Moreover, the Mod Menu is giving you fabulous cheat features and this cheat will change the environment of your game. Furthermore, you don’t need to root your device just use any kind of Android device and start to enjoy.

BGMI Mod APK-Key Features

The developer loaded many amazing features and cheats to the Mod Menu. Moreover, every feature and cheat performs a specific function and role. Similarly, the Mod Menu is sufficient unique tricks that will give an attractive look to your gaming style. You can check Tech99Boss Injector for the same features as well.

Let’s perceive the features without delaying anymore.


This is the main feature of Ammar Tech FF Mod and it is a very important and useful feature. During the battle, players need some extra powerful tools to hit the target at the first chance. Similarly, this aimbot gives powers to a player to chase the opponent and get the points in just minutes. Here are some other

  • Visible Aimbot
  • Aimbot of Mira
  • Working Aimbot
  • Fallen Aimbot ignore
  • The crouch Aimbot

Auto Headshot

The Automatic headshot is a very precious feature of the Mod Menu. Moreover, this feature will help you to shoot the target in the battle by giving you strengths. Similarly, here in this feature you will set your own shooting skill session and train yourself in a better way. By using this feature you can give tough time to the opponents.

  • Functional Headshot
  • Auto Killing power
  • Perfect shot

ESP Menu

The ESP menu of the Ammar Tech FF Mod performs a key role in your game. Moreover, the feature will give you a chance to try out new things in your game without taking a single penny. Similarly, by applying the feature you can manage your distance and location. In fact, you can apply different sub-tricks that the feature has.

  • Name ESP
  • ESP substance+ material
  • The new Radio ESP
  • ESP of strong Fire
  • Location and distance ESP

Flying Hack

The most attractive feature of the Mod Menu is that it is giving you a fly hack. Sometimes, when the opponents blocked the routes and they don’t let you shoot then you can apply this feature. Moreover, here in this feature, you can jump from one place to another with just one fly. Similarly, this feature will help you to complete the long distance in minutes.


Here in this feature of the Mod Menu, you can apply the teleport feature to boost up your rank. Moreover, in-game especially during shooting time this feature will act as a safety shield for you. Similarly, the feature will empower you and help you to get rid of the worst situation.

  • Teleport of Enemy
  • Working shield of Teleport


Sometimes if we use an external app or tool it affects our devices. However, not all apps and tools likewise this Mod Menu is safe from every type of virus and harmful things. Moreover, the Mod Menu is designed totally insecure way and it will never expose your data.

BGMI Mod APK -Other Features

  • Free of cost
  • Simple to download
  • Brimful of amazing features
  • Easy to operate
  • No need for the rooted device
  • Small in size
  • Every feature is functional
  • Hacks and cheats
  • No subscription

How to install the BGMI Mod APK?

  1. Firstly, click on the downloading link of the Mod Menu that is mentioned above.
  2. Secondly, after that just open the privacy center and enable all the unknown sources to reach your device.
  3. Once you click on the downloading button wait for a while.
  4. Thirdly, check the file manager and open the downloaded file.
  5. After that click on the file to install the Mod Menu on your device.
  6. Fourthly, wait for minutes then click on the Mod Menu to open.
  7. Finally, now start to run BGMI Mod APK on your device and enjoy your days.


Is it safe to use the BGMI Mod APK?

Yes, this totally safe to use on your personal Android device because it will not expose your data to anyone. There are rules that the Mod Menu is 100% safe and secure to use on Android devices.

Where you can get the latest version of the Mod Menu for free?

This is very simple to get the latest and most advanced Mod Menu that just click on the link. Click and download the latest version of the Mod Menu. If you are in search of any other app or tool visit our site that is secure to visit and download the apps.

Why is it important to get permission from an Android device?

This is very important to take permission from the Android device to run the device. The reason is that every Android device has its terms and conditions and it is important to obey them. Once your device allows the app then you can run the Mod Menu so get a permission note first.

Is BGMI Mod APK contain any virus?

No, this Mod Menu is free from every type of virus and harmful stuff. So feel cool and don’t hesitate while using the Mod Menu because this perfectly safe zone for you.

Are we supposed to pay money to use Mod?

No, this is free of cost. You don’t need to pay a single penny to get the Mod Menu.


Life becomes tasteless without games and online games now play a role to make us feel happy. Moreover, balancing life is a little bit challenging however we manage it. Similarly, playing a game in a balanced way is quite difficult but BGMI Mod APK is here to make it possible. So enjoy the FF game in a unique way and healthy competitions

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